PVC-U enclosures are currently a great solution to make our balcony or terrace habitable. The main advantages that such enclosures provide are:

Luminosity and Space: Living in a bright and spacious environment is one of the characteristics of PVC-U enclosures, which allows the use of a maximum glazing surface.

Maintenance: it is almost nothing, a simple wash with water and the PVC-U enclosure will look like new.

Thermal insulation: The PVC-U enclosures accumulate the heat emitted by the solar rays in winter with the consequent energy savings. In addition, thanks to its excellent thermal insulation coefficient, PVC-U is not subject to the phenomenon of internal condensation.

Maximum aeration: PVC-U enclosures can be built with a wide variety of opening systems and windows, turning windows windows, tilt-and-turn, etc… ensuring a renewal of the air of the environment enclosed by the structure without breaking the aesthetics of its design.

Weather resistance: Given the chemical composition of PVC-U, atmospheric agents such as ice, rain, snow, saltpeter and humidity do not influence it and therefore can not alter it with any type of wear or corrosion.

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