Premidoor sliding UPVC doors

Door profile


70mm Profile with four insulation chambers which permits glazing thickness up to 39mm.

Premidoor System


PremiDoor PVC-U sliding doors or lift-and-slide doors have the highest quality, and their technical characteristics are much superior to those of any traditional sliding system. This includes exceptional values of thermal and acoustic insulation. In addition, they have great stability and resistance, with a hermetic seal that protects against different weather conditions (wind, rain, etc). Its panes can reach large dimensions (up to 2.5 m) without losing stability, and in its designs permit different combinations of up to four panes.

Advantages Insulation

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Committed to maintaining energy

The pvc insulation system allows to keep the heat in the rooms, as well as to insulate them from cold, heat and noise.

We follow best practice

Juan Verdún is a company committed to its customers and the environment.

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