1. Savings

Unlike other materials such as aluminum, PVC-U prevents energy from being lost through it, with the consequent financial savings that this implies. If you also incorporate an insulating glazing, the savings in heating and air conditioning can be up to 70% compared to the old windows.

2. Thermal insulation

If you suffer thermal insulation problems in your home, PVC-U profiles, thanks to its 70 mm thickness and 5 air chambers, are the best option to eliminate them as they prevent cold and heat from entering the interior of the living space. With PVC-U windows you will noticeably reduce the use of heating while gaining comfort and well-being.

3. Isolation of noise

The PVC-U profiles prevent the passage of sound waves so the windows made with these systems are very appropriate to achieve a high level of acoustic insulation. In addition, windows with PVC-U profiles allow the incorporation of large windows that reduce noise noticeably, so you and your family will enjoy absolute tranquility at home.

4. A healthier home

Thanks to its weatherproof qualities, the windows provide the maximum airtightness against external agents such as wind, rain, dust, pollution .. Also its corners are thermally welded (not glued) another characteristic that turns these windows into the most insulating on the market. With them you will enjoy a cleaner and healthier home.

5. They are environmental

By reducing the use of heating and air conditioning, CO² emissions to the atmosphere are reduced, as established in the Kyoto Protocol. In addition PVC-U profiles are 100% recycable and are free of heavy metals such as lead, this is called greenline concept.

6. With hardly any maintenance

Another advantage of these windows is that they hardly need maintenance, as they resist shock, corrosion and contamination. To clean them, simply wipe them with water and neutral soap. And to obtain an even better result, there is a specific cleaning product called Koraclean that leaves them as impeccable as the first day.

7. Have Easy Installation

They are installed in record time and with hardly any building work. Thanks to the fast and impeccable assembly, you will enjoy your new windows in a very short time and, best of all, without hardly suffering the typical problems of the works: dirt, dust, noise …

8. The security that they bring us

The robustness of the profiles of PVC-U, with internal reinforcement of galvanized steel, together with the fittings of first brands with which our installers work (which have numerous points of closure) make the window even more secure and resistant. Therefore, by installing these windows you will be investing in your own and your family’s security.

9. For its guarantee and quality

Our products are subjected to the most stringent laboratory tests, certified by independent entities. The perfect condition of our profiles is guaranteed for 10 years and the color profiles have a 15 year guarantee on adherence and 8 years on color stability.

10. For it design

PVC-U is a moldable material that adapts to many shapes, sizes and styles, always with an impeccable finish. Oval shapes, squares, semicircular arches, etc. If you have an idea, we will provide you with the solution. We also have a series of periles to faithfully reproduce moldings, jambs and other decorative elements of the window.