What are the advantages of PVC windows?


-Thermal isolation

From the cold: Exceptionally insulating and airtight PVC-U windows that allow a stable temperature for hours with the minimum use of heating in the middle of winter.

From the heat: Even in the middle of summer the insulating PVC windows do not heat up or let in the heat keeping the house cool and minimizing the cost of air conditioning

-Acoustic isolation:

The PVC-U windows with our profiles together with an insulating glass are the best barrier against noise.

-Against external aggressions

The windows and doors with their steel reinforcements and the precision of their joints are the best anti-theft protection.

-Against water:

The levels of impermeability of the windows make any type of filtration unthinkable.

-Againsts humidity:

Insulation, airtightness and a correct controlled ventilation mechanism are the reasons why our windows never produce condensation or humidity inside the house.

-Against dust:

By installing perfectly hermetic systems you will notice a considerable decrease in the dust that tends to flow with ordinary carpentry.

-Against pollution:

The excess of Co2 inside a house is a problem for our well-being that sometimes we are not aware of. Airtight profiles with a correct controlled ventilation mechanism solve this problem.